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Yesterday I read an article about how a certain airline (JetBlue) kicked off a crying 2 year old from a flight because he was scared and didn't want to sit in his seat with his seat belt on.  The article further wrote on about an autistic child being kicked off a flight because he was inconsolable and making the other passengers uncomfortable.  While that had me so angry and terrified (we're flying to Georgia this summer) the comments below the article had my panties twisted so far up my backside I couldn't think straight.  What is wrong with those people?!  I tried to post a comment several different time, but it wouldn't take - I am assuming the moderators didn't like my choice of words like "bastards", "heartless sons of bitches", "assholes", but they didn't have a problem with people posting such comments as "I wish they'd kick off those brats and their mothers at 30,000 feet."  That's all I'm going to write about that.  It's too pretty of day to be spent dwelling over Satan's spawns.  They can take their perfect and quiet little flights back to Hell - there well be no children on that flight, so have fun.

It's time I post Madison's Story on this blog.  I wrote it when she was about 2 or 3 (she's now 11) when I questioned God almost constantly.  Why? Why her?  Why me?  I believe he answered me through the writing of this story.  I tucked it away for her - something she can hopefully read someday to understand that God knows what He's doing.  I tucked it away for myself - something for days and nights like I had yesterday to remind me that I have a job to do and big shoes to fill as her mother.  If anyone other than my two subscribers should happen to read this I hope you know someone who might benefit from it the way I have.  Please share it with them.

To my daughter, Madison:
Your words may be silently tucked away in your mind for now,
but through your eyes God allows Mommy to hear you.
I love you…more than you will ever know.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” ~ Jeremiah 1:5
From Heaven to My Mother
By Ami Cooper Price

Before you were born, you were created in Heaven through the eyes of God as a perfect being. Ten fingers, ten toes, and two eyes that reflected Heaven’s light. Pure and untainted innocence illuminated you, and God’s grace encircled your every move.

One special day, God said to you, “My child, it is time for you to choose your mother.”
“What’s a mother?” you asked.
“A mother is a woman of unlimited love,” God replied. “The one you choose will carry you to life on earth, nurture you, care for you, and love you with every breath she takes. The one you choose would starve to feed you and would die to save you.”

You and God walked hand in hand to an opening in the clouds where the rays of Heaven beamed down on earth. The rays encompassed every heart worthy of a child, making all the women glimmer from head to toe like gold. There were so many mothers to choose from.

“They are all so beautiful!” you exclaimed. “How do I decide?”
“Your innocent curiosity pleases me,” God said. “Before you decide, you must know that I created you here in Heaven as a perfect child, but on earth, you will face many difficulties as you grow. Some may see you as different. The path I have set for you will not be an easy one.”
“What will make my journey difficult? Why can’t I be like everyone else?” you asked. “How is this going to help me pick my mother?”

God could sense a growing panic within your voice, but instantly washed all fear away with the warmth of his smile and said, “My child, you will grow and develop, and you will learn and be wise, but just not as quickly as other children your age. There will be limits to your abilities, and you will struggle to find your voice and your path. On earth no one is perfect. I have given each life on earth a path of its own, full of challenges and triumphs much like yours will be, but your challenges will be harder making your victories more glorious. Have faith in me, little one, for I have plans for you. Do not be afraid for I did not create you without a purpose. As for your decision,” God continued, “it takes an extraordinary woman to care for such a unique and sacred child like yourself. You must find a mother who will see beyond your earthly imperfections, and see you as perfectly as I do now.”

God placed you on His lap as your mind attempted to grasp the enormity of this task. Together, peering down from the heavens you made a list of everything you found and desired in a mother. You discovered a woman who can heal wounds with a single kiss and releases warmth in a single embrace. You found patience and understanding, courage and wisdom as well as guidance, security, strength and gentleness. You desired faith and determination and most importantly, love, pure and unconditional. This mother would see you as God’s original creation and love you as nothing less.

"I think I have found her! She's right down there!" you cried out, pointing through the clouds. "Do you see her, God? Do you see her?" you squealed with unsuppressed excitement.

There, wrapped up in one single life, was a mother just for you but shyly questioned, "With all I will not be able to do, will she truly love me as I am? Will she really see me the way you do?"
“Yes,” God replied. “She will see you as more than perfect. She will see your birth as a miracle. She will see the rising and the setting sun in your smile. Through your eyes, she will see My Grace and know your thoughts. Your mother’s favorite scent will be your breath as she cradles you to sleep, and her favorite sound will be your enchanted laughter.”

With boundless love bursting from head to toe, tears began to swell and your heart began to pound. You turned to God and asked through a gentle whisper, “When can I have her?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, God held you tight, closed His eyes and whispered, “I will always be with you. Where ever you are, I will be. My love and My presence will surround you for all eternity. Now go, my beautiful child. Your mother is expecting you.”

Wrapped within God’s holy embrace, cradled with warmth you could feel the rhythm of His heart beating. Mesmerized by the sound of your hearts beating together in unison, your eyes fell heavy, and you drifted down from Heaven to your mother.

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Hayley said...

this is lovely Ami. I am sitting here with tears down my face. I find myself asking why me, why Jake, why our family sometimes. The I know that he has brought us more joy and laughter than anything. Thank you for the reminder, I love you!!