Thursday, January 5, 2012

My 35th Birthday

The first 24 hours of my 35 years on this planet has produced a massive sinus infection and the prompt usage of a humidifier and antibiotics.  My birthday was yesterday.  I am 35 years old and old enough to officially run this country.  Scary to think that everyone I grew up with is now that 'age' deemed responsible enough to screw millions of people. 

My birthday was a peaceful success... to a point.  I had one kid home from school sick and another kid just home...and also sick, so it really is no surprise that I find myself in their snot filled company. 
A game of high-low to recap the last 24 hours 
High - I only had to get one child ready for school. 
 Low - discovering I need to do laundry on my birthday. 
High - my mother taking him to school for me. 
High - getting to stay in my pajamas, fuzzy robe, and new slippers until noon. 
High - Fed Ex guy showing up with Madison's ipad replacement.  
Low - did not have a bra on when he showed up. 
High - watching a movie I had never watched before "Time Traveler's Wife. 
Low - bawling like a baby. 
High - nearly 60 degrees outside. 
High - opening my windows. 
Low - feeling a bit unsettled doing such on the 4th day of January. 
High - being wished "Happy Birthday" 163 times on my facebook wall. 
Low - realizing it doesn't take much effort to do that since Facebook
has a quicker feature to write on everyone's wall within seconds for such occassions.
High - Bowling with my mama. 
High - having 3 margaritas bought for me. 
Low - a score of 63. 
High - not giving a shit. 
High - coming home to 4 excited faces and 5 beautifully wrapped gifts. 
Low - not really getting to unwrap any of them by myself. 
High - a card perfectly sought after with long thought and 
hand picked from my husband reminding me just how much he loves me. 
High - Kansas Jayhawks beating Kansas Wildcats.
High - getting to talk some smack about it. 
High - getting to bed before 10pm. 
Low - waking up at 5am with a nose full of unblowable snot and an expired drivers license.  oops.

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