Friday, December 30, 2011

Resolution Time

Resolution #256 - To not be glued to the computer all day and to actually try and get something productive done.  Laundry Day.  Not only are we in a severe underwear crisis, but we are leaving town for the weekend and I prefer to pack clean clothes.  My washer and dryer are downstairs and it's a real motivation buster.  Hauling 40lb baskets down (without falling), hauling 40lb baskets back up (without tripping).  I'm sure it is some form of exercise, which leads me to the fact I should be doing that more. 

Resolution #257 - Exercise.

Resolution #258 - Smile. This is a hard one, but I will be triumphant. I have bad teeth. I hate smiling - HATE IT!  Well, that's not entirely true... I love to smile, I love to laugh, but I hate my teeth.  They are the one thing I would love to change about myself, I mean REALLY, really change.  Five years ago, it would have been a matter of it's a health matter.  Constant headaches...constant pain and sensitivity. I have no insurance, medical or dental.  There's nothing I can do about this myself.  Right now, I can't eat - nothing healthy anyway - great excuse, right?  Never knew how much I would miss cold, crisp lettuce.  My diet consists of muffins, twinkies and room temperature water.  I do have a plan now though thanks to one of God's many, many Angels on Earth.  You know who you are if you're reading this...I can't begin to express what your encouragement and help with all this means to me. I love you, my friend.  So...

Resolution #259 - Begin quest to find a dentist. ugh. They scare the shit out of me....hence the bad rotting teeth.  I need to be sedated or heavily drugged.  I need to find one who is skilled and will be able to work with me finacially.  Did you know, out of all medical professionals, the field of dentistry has the highest rate of suicides?  I didn't either.  Not the most reassurring fun fact, so I need to find one who is mentally stable.

Resolution #260 - Quit smoking. This one makes the list every year.  Maybe 2012 will be my lucky year to just up and quit, cold turkey.  I will try.  For my kids, I will try.

Resolutio #261 - To take myself more seriously as a photographer.  I know I have a knack and an eye for the art, but the one thing that always makes me second guess myself as a professional is the fact that I didn't go to school for this, I don't have a fancy $5000 camera, I just have my love for it.  That should be enough, so I'm going to start remembering that on a daily basis.

Resolution #262 - Keep blogging. I will. Can't promise it will be every day, can't promise I will have anything brilliant or useful for whoever decides to read anything I write in the future, but I can promise to try.

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